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November 25, 2015

Numerex Horizontal Platform: M2M Pioneer Offers One-Stop Shop for IoT Solutions

Numerex arrived on the machine-to-machine communications scene well before the popularization of the terms M2M and the Internet of Things.

The company, which was founded in 1992 and went public in 1998, initially provided a wireline-based telemetry data communications solution that offered alarm security and line monitoring for select verticals.

Today, Numerex is a one-stop shop that provides IoT managed solutions including business platform services, integrated applications, networks and devices, and vertical products for organizations worldwide.

The company has built solutions for many hundreds of customers. Those solutions include off-the-shelf, customized, and white-label installations, and currently support more than 2 million connections. To enable those solutions Numerex leverages a broad, highly scalable, horizontal platform that combines service enablement features with configurable frameworks to deploy solutions quickly and reduce development costs. The company’s platform – paired with its long-time expertise in the M2M/IoT arena – allows it to provide solutions that enable its IoT customers to efficiently, reliably, and securely monitor and manage assets remotely whenever and wherever needed.

Many companies today realize that they need an Industrial Internet of Things strategy, but really don’t know where to start, as Numerex notes. Furthermore, the deployment of even a modest IoT solution is a daunting task for any company – regardless of its level of technical sophistication. Most businesses quickly come to the realization that they lack the deep IoT domain knowledge necessary for success. That’s where Numerex says it can provide extremely valuable assistance.

Recently, Numerex announced an extended, end-to-end Industrial IoT platform called nxFAST. It is specifically designed for building and deploying secure, flexible, and scalable Industrial IoT solutions for enterprise-class industrial and commercial businesses. The nxFAST platform is the latest addition to the Numerex solution set, enabling widespread, rapid deployment of IoT solutions in manufacturing, materials and chemical processing settings, or in nearly any other industrial or commercial area of business. The nxFAST Industrial IoT platform quickly yields new insights, allowing users to make significantly better business operating decisions, and through that, to increase their profitability.

For supply chain professionals, Numerex’s new iManage industrial IoT solution allows manufacturers to wirelessly track, manage, and analyze the flow of production parts, assemblies, and racks between factories, suppliers and warehouses. Built on Numerex’s cloud-based, horizontal delivery platform, iManage alerts supply chain professionals in the event of a stoppage, slowdown, or other issue – ensuring that production facilities continue to operate without experiencing material shortages, incurring expedited shipping charges, or suffering unplanned downtime. In addition, iManage provides data for tracking compliance with 3PL service-level agreements, and mitigates loss or theft of shipping racks, containers, or high-value inventory.

Numerex also recently released the iNSITE portal, a cloud-based dashboard and subscription management solution that supports real-time account, subscription, application, billing, and data analysis capabilities. The new portal will help Numerex customers achieve high performance from their device, network, and application settings, including management of subscriptions, rate plans, and users. In addition, the iNSITE portal enables customers to view billing records, to conduct diagnostic testing, and to produce reports including visualization, tracking, and analytics for all subscriptions.

The company also provides home and business security solutions, Lone Worker and mPERS (mobile personal emergency response) solutions, and offender monitoring solutions. Customers can opt to consume Numerex solutions via networkas- a-service, platform-as-a-service, and/or software-as-a-service delivery options. Whatever the specific offering, however, Numerex brings with it deep competency at the device, network, and application levels. The company refers to this as the nxFAST Horizontal Platform.

Numerex nxFAST integrates all the necessary foundational  components that enable any IoT solution through a single source rather than requiring customers to utilize multiple vendors and partners. Numerex platform services enable multiple devices to be connected to multiple wireless networks through a single application. The company is active in many vertical industries, with a focus on oil & gas, utilities, waste management, health care and medical devices, probation, parole and corrections, manufacturing and distribution, safety and security, and transportation. The company’s high-profile customers and partners include AT&T, Audiovox, BP, Huawei, John Deere, Sprint, T-Mobile, Tyco, and Verizon Wireless.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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