November 23, 2016

Compliance: How the IoT Can Assist in Meeting Requirements


It’s a dangerous world out there. As security threats proliferate and safety concerns become paramount, businesses across the globe face an increasing volume of regulation and legislation with which they have to comply.

This affects companies in two ways. First, they have to prove compliance of their own operations. Second, they have to demonstrate to customers that they will provide services in a manner that enables those customers to prove compliance in their own businesses.

Transportation and logistics is an industry in which IoT is widely employed to remotely monitor fleets and assets in transit. Under utilization, pilferage, and timely maintenance are the major problems in this sector, and organizations are now working to address these issues along with associated compliance challenges.

Among the solutions available to address all that is Zilogic’s BlackKite-Fleet GPS tracking solution. The device employs dedicated interfaces to monitor vehicle ignition, battery failure, and its panic button. Three additional digital inputs can be configured to remotely monitor in-vehicle status such as door locking and oil level indication. BlackKite-Fleet also has three digital output lines to control on-board electronic devices and to immobilize vehicles during unauthorized usage.

Two analog inputs are provided to monitor and measure analog parameters including fuel, temperature, and load. The device also includes a RS232 serial interface to connect external devices like an RFID reader for operator authentication or digital sensors for parameter monitoring.

In addition to location tracking, it has a rich set of IOs with provision for expansion. These allow the user to monitor multiple vehicle parameters such as fuel, load, temperature, tire pressure, and more.

“BlackKite-Fleet is an innovative platform that virtually checks all the boxes,” said Ashish Gulati, country manager of Telit India.

Key benefits of this solution include a TAG-based protocol for easy cloud integration and reduced GPRS usage; built-in antennas; SMS alerts on device disconnection; and a watchdog to recover from transient field issues.

BlackKite-Fleet uses the Telit GL865* module as the main controller, selected primarily for the built-in Python language support. The GPS JN3 was chosen to add location tracking to the platform, which supports Instant Fix and Static Detection.

“We chose the GL865 primarily for the built-in Python language support,” said P. Ganesan, director of engineering at Zilogic Systems. “The GPS JN3 was selected to add location tracking to the platform, which supports instant fix and static detection.”

*Product is known as GL868 in APAC market.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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