M2M MAGAZINE — 4th Quarter, 2014

Get into the M2M Mentality: Stay Focused and Informed, and Collaborate to Push Innovation

Machine-to-machine communications and technologies have pushed businesses to examine their processes, look for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and to increase profits through innovation and collaboration... Read More >>>


Edit Series

And the Winner is………..AT&T Fast Pitch 2014
As the Internet of Things continues to grow, reinventing and connecting the world like never before, businesses have adopted more flexible platforms for sharing ideas with entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts. Collaboration and an open venue for makers and idea-driven catalysts are critical for fostering new ideas and forging new solutions. AT&T has taken the lead on this approach to new technology development. It has focused on maximizing opportunities for innovations by launching a number of initiatives including hackathons, fast pitch competitions, and creating Foundry Innovation Centers. - 11/13/2014

Strategic Solution Series

Homegrown M2M Platform Enables Vodafone to Be More Responsive
Vodafone is the leading player in the M2M space. Vodafone shipped 17.5 million SIMs for M2M customers globally in total. At the heart of every M2M solution it offers is the Vodafone Global M2M Platform, which is a powerful self-service delivery and management tool based on patented technology. - 11/13/2014


Most car manufacturers now offer telematics in at least their high-end models, and there are 15 million to 16 million connected cars on the road in the U.S. today, says Dominique Bonte of ABI Research, as discussed in the last issue of this magazine. That's not even 10 percent penetration, he adds, which means telematics has a good long runway ahead of it. - 11/13/2014


Mixed Fleet Telematics Standard to Drive More Connections in Heavy Equipment
The Association of Equipment Management Professionals and Association of Equipment Manufacturers recently collaborated to produce a new industry-wide standard to provide end users with more OEM equipment data and easier access. This telematics standard is targeted to end users, including contractors, fleet managers, rental managers, and dealers/distributors, as well as OEMs focused on construction and industrial heavy equipment. - 11/13/2014

The Hot List

Stream Shakes Things Up with its Subscriber Management Platform
Stream Technologies is a privately owned company, headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, with regional offices in San Jose, Singapore and Vancouver, as well as an M2M Tech Lab and in-house technical developer, support and infrastructure design team based in Glasgow, Scotland. The company is a leading innovator in the IoT space, operating as a specialist cellular and satellite MVNO, but is also fast gaining recognition for IoT-X, its platform as a service for wireless carriers and operators of low power radio, cellular, and satellite services. IoT-X is a connectivity enablement management and billing platform designed from the ground up for the M2M and IoT sectors. - 11/13/2014

Remote Monitoring and Management
It's always helpful and cumbersome to categorize "things" in broad categories. On the one hand, it helps to compare and contrast features. On the other hand, it has a tendency to lose details and mask individual features. The next M2M Evolution will be broken down into two tracks addressing things that are in motion and things that are at rest. However, the category of remote monitoring and management points out that all the things at rest are normally there to track flow (a.k.a. motion). Worse yet, we have degrees of at rest. For example, remote patient monitoring is generally for patients to return home; however, it depends on the level of severity of the illness and the amount of rest involved. - 11/13/2014

Boardroom Report

Big Things Are Brewing, Stay Thirsty My Friends
This is one of those rare moments when I am under an embargo on a number of activities going on in the market. So without revealing what I know, let me tell you what you need to discuss in your own boardrooms. - 11/13/2014